A Thought on the ‘World Energy Engineering Congress’ in Washington D.C.

By Michael Ensor, This past week, I attended the World Energy Engineering Congress in Washington D.C. The conference opened on Wednesday, September 21 with Tom Stricker, Vice President of Product Regulatory Affairs at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Tom’s impressive opening highlighted Toyota’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by briefly discussing Toyota’s objective […]

Being mindful of energy use

by Julianna Pianelli, EPC Student in 425.601 Principles of Energy Technology I try to certainly be mindful of my energy use now. However, when I was younger I didn’t have a concept of what electricity was or just how expensive it can be. I would leave the lights on, television running and air conditioning blasting […]

Bio-Renewable Asset Analysis tool for North Carolina’s Southeast

Thomas & Hutton and EPC student Brian Durham have produced a Bio-Renewable Asset Analysis tool for North Carolina’s Southeast (the regions economic development group) and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.  Using geothinQ, the application allows interested parties to quickly determine where bio-renewable assets are located in the region to determine a site that will suit […]

Benelux Course – photos and feedback

The Benelux course (Summer 1, 2016) offered students a view of innovative energy ideas and concepts in Luxembourg and Rotterdam. The course also provided a brief visit near the EU with a discussion from Green Party advisors in Brussels.  Eleven students participated in the course. The course instructors, Dan Zachary and Ulrich Leopold, are promoting […]