A Renewed Hope

by Tiziana Bottino, For the entire duration of his two terms, the Obama administration has bolstered the use of clean and renewable energy.  After the 2015 Paris agreement is set to enter into force on 4 November, the pressure to reduce CO2 emission from the second biggest emitter in the world will officially kick in.  […]

U.S. wind development

by Lee Ewing, U.S. wind development has vast potential, some of which has already been realized with the aid of federal (production tax credit) and state (renewable portfolio standards) regulations and subsidies.  However, current impediments likely create a ceiling to for wind energy capacity, even as the technology becomes increasingly cost competitive.  Addressing these impediments […]

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

by Paul Denkin, Improving energy efficiency has become a key part of home ownership. Certain energy-efficient devices in a home can bring tax breaks as well as significantly lower utility costs. Of course, swapping out all of your appliances for Energy Star alternatives would put a serious dent in your bank account. Instead, you might […]

Puertorican power grid

by Juan Luz On my 25 years of life I have had the opportunity to live in three (3) countries (Colombia, Puerto Rico, USA). Thankfully to my family, I always was conscious of how my family and I used energy around the house. In Colombia for example, energy prices are pretty low since the major generation […]