Solar on the Rise

by Laura Hersch Image from               Despite grid integration issues, areability, and a lack of large scale storage, the state of solar energy in the United States is pretty sunny. According to the Department of Energy, the solar industry reached a milestone when one million solar installations became connected to the grid in […]

Future of Peak Oil

by  Jessica E. Jones In 1956, Marion King Hubbert predicted the US’s oil production would continue to increase until eventually peaking between 1965 and 1970, and then steadily declining, following a bell curve distribution.  While controversial at the time, the US’s oil production did peak late 1970/early 1971 and steadily started to decline.  Hubbert’s prediction […]

Shifting Contours of the Energy Landscape

By Alice Wang (Image credit: For those unfamiliar with Hubbert’s Peak, it is the notion that the amount of oil underground in any region in finite and that at some point production must peak and then gradually decline until oil is depleted. This theory gained popularity in the early 1970s after U.S. oil production did indeed peak, […]

The Moral of the Hubbert’s Peak Story

by Meghan Butts (Cover figure source: For many years it has been known that oil is a finite resource and not found all over the planet. The knowledge of finite sources is that at some point there will be no new discoveries and the resource will deplete. The Hubbert Peak is a theoretical bell-curve […]