You Owe Me a Nickel

  When I was a kid living at home, my dad charged me a nickel every time I left a room without turning the light off. Usually this entailed me going to ask my mother for a nickel, because I never had any. She’d sigh and say, “You left a light on again, didn’t you?” […]

Too late for cap and trade?

Posted by SUE CASKEY at Tuesday, November 24, 2015 12:06:04 PM EST In my discussion posts, it was interesting to watch my own opinion shift before my eyes. i had originally thought I was in favor of cap and trade until I started considering the negatives. I’m still convinced we need C&T to allow business […]

Energy Efficiency can be an Individual Effort

We have a choice: We can continue with business-as-usual energy use, or we can use energy smarter and waste less by investing in efficiency measures and participating in energy savings programs targeted to consumers (e.g. utility-sponsored rebate programs). Energy efficiency can give us more control over how and when we consume energy, while maintaining the […]

Arguing both sides of the cap and trade debate

Arguing both sides of the cap and trade debate really made me understand that there is not one solution to climate change, or even just emissions control, that is going to be perfect in every scenario and for each participant. There are absolutely sacrifices that have to be made, and the biggest question is really […]