General Inquiries

Contact the editorial board at Dan Zachary


Story Pitches

We welcome pitches for blog posts and long-form articles. Soon we will have an online submission form; until then, please follow these pitch guidelines.

A. Include a proposed headline or title, and one paragraph describing your topic and why it’s relevant to put in this blog at this time. Briefly including the “who, what, when, where, why” can be useful to organize your ideas. Please include your e-mail address!

B. What we’re seeking: We prefer timely, relevant posts that fit into one of our blog categories. Generally, we cover environmental news, energy news, GIS innovations, JHU AAP program news and features.

C. We prefer to receive posts 1 to 3 weeks after we approve the pitch. Please include in your pitch the target date you’d send us the post.

D. E-mail your pitch to Dan Zachary

See our Writing Guidelines for more information.

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