Shifting Contours of the Energy Landscape

By Alice Wang (Image credit: For those unfamiliar with Hubbert’s Peak, it is the notion that the amount of oil underground in any region in finite and that at some point production must peak and then gradually decline until oil is depleted. This theory gained popularity in the early 1970s after U.S. oil production did indeed peak, […]

Benelux Course – photos and feedback

The Benelux course (Summer 1, 2016) offered students a view of innovative energy ideas and concepts in Luxembourg and Rotterdam. The course also provided a brief visit near the EU with a discussion from Green Party advisors in Brussels.  Eleven students participated in the course. The course instructors, Dan Zachary and Ulrich Leopold, are promoting […]

Arguing both sides of the cap and trade debate

Arguing both sides of the cap and trade debate really made me understand that there is not one solution to climate change, or even just emissions control, that is going to be perfect in every scenario and for each participant. There are absolutely sacrifices that have to be made, and the biggest question is really […]

Ethanol – Still a hung jury….

A perspective by Michael Carite, (Student in 425.601 – Principles of Energy Technologies – Fall 15)   Much of what we do as people is faulty. One way or another, we can jump into a new endeavor without truly understanding the full repercussions of our decisions. Many examples jump to our minds. Would cigarettes have […]

German Wind-to-Hydrogen Plant Takes Car-Fuel Battle to Tesla

After decades of research, Linde AG says the elements needed to make hydrogen-fuelled cars a viable challenger to Tesla Inc’s battery-driven vehicles are finally falling into place. The world’s largest industrial gas supplier will today open a plant that uses wind power to convert water into the gas. That completes the circle for an almost […]