Solar on the Rise

by Laura Hersch Image from               Despite grid integration issues, areability, and a lack of large scale storage, the state of solar energy in the United States is pretty sunny. According to the Department of Energy, the solar industry reached a milestone when one million solar installations became connected to the grid in […]

Natural Gas vs Other Fossil Fuels

by Anne Henske Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel when comparing the amount of carbon dioxide produced when burned. It accounts for almost half the amount of anthracite coal.[1] Natural gas also releases much less of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulates that cause smog and acid rain compared to oil and […]

U.S. wind development

by Lee Ewing, U.S. wind development has vast potential, some of which has already been realized with the aid of federal (production tax credit) and state (renewable portfolio standards) regulations and subsidies.  However, current impediments likely create a ceiling to for wind energy capacity, even as the technology becomes increasingly cost competitive.  Addressing these impediments […]

Benelux Course – photos and feedback

The Benelux course (Summer 1, 2016) offered students a view of innovative energy ideas and concepts in Luxembourg and Rotterdam. The course also provided a brief visit near the EU with a discussion from Green Party advisors in Brussels.  Eleven students participated in the course. The course instructors, Dan Zachary and Ulrich Leopold, are promoting […]

An examination of voluntary green power programs at U.S. utilities using behavioral science principles

EPC student, has published an article on voluntary green power programs in the ‘Electricity Journal’: