A Thought on the ‘World Energy Engineering Congress’ in Washington D.C.

By Michael Ensor, This past week, I attended the World Energy Engineering Congress in Washington D.C. The conference opened on Wednesday, September 21 with Tom Stricker, Vice President of Product Regulatory Affairs at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Tom’s impressive opening highlighted Toyota’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by briefly discussing Toyota’s objective […]

“A Politically Palatable Path to Emissions Reductions – More Than a Carbon Tax”

“A Politically Palatable Path to Emissions Reductions – More Than a Carbon Tax”   With our national carbon goals now set by the COP21 Paris agreements, the hard work of charting an effective, efficient path toward emissions reductions must begin. At present, the United States’ carbon abatement approach is an odd mix of top-down and […]

Post Paris, COP21, December, 12, 2015.

Post Paris, COP21, December, 12, 2015.   While a new global climate agreement was never really in doubt, its scope and depth were very much in play to the end, and risks of backsliding were real. All nations are now required to act on a common timeframe, so the past bifurcation between developed and developing […]

December 9, 2015. Paris, France. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) COP21.

Notes of optimism are emerging for an agreement on time (Friday evening) or even a bit early. However, two major longstanding issues require still resolution, according to high level sources. The first is differentiation, or the question of equal approaches to commitments by all nations. The Kyoto protocol negotiations of 1997 proceeded on a dual […]

Paris: Can CCS help us reach our goals?

At the heart of the commitment to slow global warming is the issue of maintaining a vital economy, both here in the United States and in countries around the world. Technology plays a major role in determining how effective one can be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions; one technology at the center of the debate […]

21st Conference of the Parties, Paris, Sunday December 6

21st Conference of the Parties, Paris, Sunday December 6 by Tom Peterson. The second week began in earnest today as national ministers arrived to assume the lead for negotiations following remarkably positive guidance from over 150 heads of state early last week, and follow up condensation of negotiation text from 300 to 20 pages — […]

COP21 – Broadcast from Paris

  Dr. Austin Brown is participating in the COP21 – broadcast on Dec 7, Monday evening. A remote presentation will be held from  6pm-7pm followed by a guest speaker for 7pm – 8pm in room 405 at BoB.  The topic revolves around transportation and climate change.  Room is limited, so please RSVP  – d.s.zachary@jhu.edu  so […]