The City of Rotterdam

A brief update of the Benelux Course (EPC field course, May 2016) by Dan Zachary



Rotterdam represents one of the most incredible examples of innovative city development.  We will show how academic/governmental/citizen participation can aide in the transition of a normal city to a ‘Smart City’. I am currently exploring the venue for the up-coming course ‘Renewable Energy and Proactive Climate Change Policy in Benelux’ for May, 2016. In the Rotterdam portion of this course, we will explore the interconnected concepts of energy-use and space in a city. We will look at transition analysis for urban energy systems, interesting reuse of waste heat at the city port, attractive mobility & parking concepts, urban farming and the energy connection, and other projects. All this will be done in one of the most remarkable venues in Europe.

I encourage students to look into opportunity coming in May, 2016.


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