Residential Rain Garden Project Addresses Urban Stormwater Runoff

by Chris Andersen JHU student, MS Environmental Sciences & Policy, anticipated graduation 2013 Background: As part of this summer’s AAP Applied Sustainability course taught by Professor Paul Kazyak, my classmates and I are learning about a broad range of sustainability issues. The class addresses a number of topics, including energy use and conservation, alternative energy, […]

Weekly Environmental News, August 4-10: Dying Dolphins, Wide CO2 Swings, Satellite Revolution and More

Bottlenose dolphins

In the news this week, concern over more than 100 bottlenose dolphin deaths off the East Coast of the U.S., seasonal CO2 variations appear to be getting larger, a small organization in West Virginia is using satellite data to help boost environmental protection, and a study of trees at Chernobyl reveals the effects of nuclear […]

Weekly Environmental News, July 28-August 3: Plastic in the Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, and more

Great Lakes plagued by plastic Invasive zebra mussels, toxic algae, industrial pollution… the Great Lakes always seem to be fighting some sort of plague. Now scientists are discovering millions of plastic bits after trolling Lakes Huron, Superior and Erie. Microscopic examination has led to the discovery of tiny, perfectly round pellets which, scientists suspect, originated […]