Weekly Environmental News: June 9 – June 15, 2013 — Danube River Flooding, Carbon Negative Fuel and more

Flooding in Europe: Danube river

Budapest declared a state of emergency as the Danube crested at record levels. Damage results of the Danube (and other tributaries) flooding have been estimated in the billions of dollars range. Climate change, among several reasons, is believed to be the cause of flooding. The European Environment Agency has more details on their website.

Carbon negative fuel

Cool Planet Energy, a California-based company, announced a low-cost alternative to gasoline. The kicker: the biofuel is actually carbon negative. The biofuel is made from woody biomass sourced from agricultural waste, non-food feedstocks, and miscanthus (grass native to parts of Africa and Asia). Read the Inhabitat article for all the details.

Seattle reveals new bike master plan

As cities become increasingly bike friendly, Seattle takes further steps to increase bikeability and improve safety. A 2013 Bicycle Master Plan was made available for public comment by the Seattle Department of Transportation. The plan includes updated policies and new bike facilities like in-street bike lanes, shared lane pavement markings, climbing lanes, bicycle boulevards, multiuse trails and safer intersections and crossings.

Cats in danger per environmental law

Cats – especially strays or feral felines – are responsible for thousands of bird deaths per year. Thus, controlling feral populations has led to a new law in Switzerland, allowing citizens to shoot house cats that are more than 656 feet from their houses. However, activists report that this law is being abused; poachers are killing cats and skinning them for their fur, which is then sold for profit in the black market cat fur trade.

featured image: Creative commons image “Ghostcycle #17” courtesy of Rick Gordon via flickr.


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