New Blog on the Block

The environmental field has always lived at the juncture of science, policy and human experience. The Environmental Studies graduate program at Hopkins shares that space while embracing the range of interests and approaches of our diverse student body.  When I first envisioned creating a publication for the program I knew there was plenty to say. What I didn’t know was how to roll it all together, give it focus and make it worth following in the world of modern media. So that has become the experiment.  That has become the learning experience. From the first semester of our new class on the role of modern media in environmental science and policy, our blog has been born. The students in the class are the editorial board and have stepped up to invent and reinvent the whole thing. When I first envisioned creating a publication for the program, I knew our best resource was our students. Working with them this term simply verified it.

Welcome to JHENS.


David Elbert, Faculty Advisor

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