What You Can Do to Conserve Energy and Save Money at Home

  Photo via Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos Energy conservation is an important endeavor.  Many of our current sources of energy are nonrenewable and will not last forever.  It is wise for all of us to consider ways to conserve energy within our own homes to help the environment, save natural resources, and save money in the […]

Help Homeowners Whose Homes are Making Them Sick

  The Most Common Ways Your Home Could Be Making You Sick By Charlotte Meier Photo via Pixabay by James DeMers   No matter how clean you keep your home, there could be spots that are harboring bacteria and mold that you aren’t even aware of. There could also be common household products lying around […]

Adventures in Reducing our Carbon Footprin

by Brian Durham My girlfriend McKinley and I have been working on making our home as energy efficient as possible for the past two years.  We’ve found a few things that have worked well for us and hope to share some knowledge here, as well as a few nerdy spreadsheets.  I’d love to hear any […]

Renewable Energy and its Potential to Increase Domestic Energy Security

by Carolyn Mullen According to the EIA, the United States generated about four trillion kilowatthours of electricity in 2015, of which 7% was generated from renewable sources. [1] Even though most individuals know the environmental benefits of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower, the advantages these sources have for energy security are […]